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Top 4 Products for the Game Boy Environmentalist


Recently awareness for protecting the environment has been a major issue. We’ve learned that there has been serious and irreversible damage to the planet caused by pollution, yet we continue to be just as wasteful as ever. Doing simple tasks like turning down your water heater, opening a window instead of running the air conditioner, and recycling batteries will make a major difference. Even the way you charge up your Game Boy will make a difference. Just take a look at this list of the Top 4 Products for the Game Boy Environmentalist.

1. The Solio Portable Hybrid Solar Charger & Game Boy Advance Adapter

The Solio Portable Hybrid Solar Charger features two amazing ways to recharge your GBA, GBA SP or Nintendo DS using the power of the sun. Simply get the Solio and the Solio GBA Adapter (sold separately), plug your Game Boy in, set it out in the sun and in a few hours you’ll have a fully charged battery. The Solio can also store natural electricity for later use. Although the most expensive item on the list, coming in around $99 and the adapter for another $10, it is high quality, stores energy for later use, and with the right adapters can change other electronics such as I-Pods, Cell Phones, Digital Cameras, etc.

2. Logic 3 Game Boy Advance SP Solar Charger

Yes, it’s another solar charger that can power up your Game Boy Advance SP. Just hook up this puppy to your GBA SP, Nintendo DS or PSP, put it in sunlight or direct indoor light, and in about four hours you’ll have a fully charged battery. Not as sturdy as the Solio, doesn’t store any power and wont work with other electronics, but it costs a lot less, works fast and comes with all the cords and adaptors you need. Unfortunately this product was only distributed in Europe, but if you search for "Game Boy Advance SP"+"Solar Charger" you’ll find many websites that you can order it from domestic and internationally.

3. Game Boy Advance SP Mini Winding Charger

Intended mainly for emergency situations, all you need to do is plug this device to your GBA SP and turn the crank. After about 8 minuets of crank turning and hand cramping you’ll get a 30 minute charge to the GBA SP battery. Don’t overdo it though, the unit gets hot and comes with a warning that if you crank it for 15 minuets or more it will overheat. This one is also only distributed in Europe, so you’ll have to put in your favorite search engine "Game Boy"+"Winding Charger" and you’ll find tons of ‘em.

4. Rechargeable AA Batteries and Charger

If you have a Game Boy Classic, Game Boy Color or the original GBA, then you're likely using regular AA batteries, which are downright terrible for the environment and rarely disposed of properly. The best and most economical thing to do is to get yourself some rechargeable AA batteries and a charger. I recommend getting two sets of the rechargeable batteries, so you can keep one set in the charger while your using the other set in your Game Boy. If after all this your still using regular disposable AA batteries, at least recycle them properly.

Let’s all work towards saving the Earth while playing video games!

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