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Nintendo DS Site Launches

Want to play Nintendo games on the go? Then check out our new site devoted to the DS, where you can read news and game reviews and connect with others who love the DS as much as you do.

Game Boy Spotlight10

The Best Game Boy Advance Games of 2007

These are the stand out GBA games of 2007 that not only outshine their console counterparts, but are some of the very best titles ever released for the system.

Grand Theft Auto Advance Review – Game Boy Advance

The first sociopathic title in the hit GTA console series drives onto the Game Boy Advance with a new facelift and a few updates, but the novelty runs out of gas as soon as you start playing.

High School The Musical – Livin’ the Dream - Basic Facts

Based on Disney’s series of Made-for-Cable musicals that have become an absolute phenomenon, Livin’ the Dream has you trying to track down missing items so the gang can perform in an upcoming competition.

Math Patrol - The Kleptoid Threat – Basic Facts

The first in the GBX/TOMY Learning Series of Edutainment games has you defending the universe against invading alien fleets by improving your math skills.

Alone in the Dark The New Nightmare Review – Game Boy Color

In the quest to create the most ambitious Horror Survival game for the Game Boy systems, Infogrames and Pocket Studios deliver the same feel as a console horror game but had to make sacrifices to important gameplay. Is there enough remaining to provide a terrifyingly fun experience?

The Addams Family - Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt Review - Game Boy Classic

The second Game Boy Classic outing for the neat, sweet, petite Addams Family is based on the early 90s Saturday Morning Cartoon and the polar opposite of its predecessor...it's actually fun to play.

The Addams Family Review - Game Boy Classic

The creepy, kooky, mysterious and spooky Addams Family make their Game Boy premiere in a game based on the 1991 feature film.

Pinball of the Dead Review - Game Boy Advance

This House of the Dead spin-off is not only a unique take on Zombie Horror Survival, but it is also the most innovative pinball video game created. Battle armies of the undead with the most powerful weapon of all, a pinball!

Gunstar Super Heroes Review - Game Boy Advance

High Octane Action explodes on the Game Boy Advance in this sequel to the classic Gunstar Heroes! Just how good is it? Guest Guide Kristy Conn straps herself in for the thrill review of this game that took the number 1 spot in our picks for the Top Action Games for the Game Boy Advance.

Game Boy's History Its Cultural Impact

In its nearly 20 year history Game Boy has become not only the most successful handheld video game system ever, but has had a huge influence on how we play video games today. Here you will find fun filled information on the history of the Game Boy System and how it has impacted our gaming and popular culture.

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