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Top 18 Mario Games for the Game Boy Advance… and One Stinker


Top 18 Mario Games for the Game Boy Advance… and One Stinker

The #1 Mario Game for the GBA

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Only in the world of gaming can an overweight plumber from Brooklyn rise to the celebrity of George Clooney. Since Mario's first appearance in the original arcade classic Donkey Kong, this pudgy hero has ruled our Game Boys, consoles and our hearts. Eventually we were introduced to his fraternal twin brother Luigi, an adventurer in his own right, doomed to forever live in the shadow of his portly brother. Lucky for us Game Boy Advance owners, Mario's very best games are all available for the GBA. Don’t believe me? Check out Nintendo Power's top selling GBA list in any given month and you'll see that at least two or three are always Mario games.

Suspiciously, Donkey Kong Jr., the only game where Mario plays the villain, has never been released for the GBA in cartridge form, but only as part of the failed Game Boy E-Reader trading cards. Regardless, with so many wonderful titles available were willing to overlook this obvious cover-up conspiracy.

So how does this piping specialist who moonlights as an athlete, ape wrangler, stock car racer and M.D., maintain his winning title? Nintendo always chooses developers that take the greatest care in creating innovative gameplay and design for their most important hero.

This is why it's so tough choosing just the top 10 Mario games. There are far too many terrific ones to limit it to such a small number, so here are the Top 18 Mario Games for the Game Boy Advance…and One Stinker.

Alright pizanos, Game Start!

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