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The History of the Game Boy and its impact on our Culture

When it was first release in 1989 the Game Boy instantly became a pop culture phenomenon as it changed the face of video games forever. Today it is still a major part of modern society. Read about its origins, instant stardom and domination of the handheld gaming market. Take a tour to far off lands and see how the Game Boys affects the rest of the world. Learn about the people behind the system and the innovations they created that changed us forever.

Mario, Game Boy and Comic Art - An Interview with Stacie Ponder
Interview with artist Stacie Ponder whose latest creation in her comic strip The Sticks was inspired by Game Boy and Mario's never-ending attempts at rescuing Princess Peach.

Game Boy Color: The Age of Experimentation
Learn how the technological advances that we enjoy in our handheld and console gaming today got there start. It was all in a little unit called the Game Boy Color.

Gunpei Yokoi
Gunpei Yokoi, the creator of the original Game Boy, is considered to be the Thomas Edison of the Gaming world. Who knows how far this innovator would have taken us had his life not been cut short at the age of 56 in a fatal car accident.

A Brief History of Handheld Video Games
Fascinating article from Engadget.com and writer Donald Melanson.

Game Boy Photography
These photographers use the Game Boy Camera to create artistic images.

Game Boy Artwork
A small collection of artwork created for the Game Boy.

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