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Accessory Profile - The Majesco Game Boy Advance Wireless Messenger


Accessory Profile - The Majesco Game Boy Advance Wireless Messenger
Photo © Majesco Sales Inc.
Product: Majesco Wireless Messenger
Company: Majesco Entertainment
Price: $29.99 (aprox.)
Aside from Nintendo, few companies have produced more contributions to the Game Boy Advance community than Majesco Entertainment. Known mostly as a game publisher, Majesco also made the first GBA SP compatible stereo headphones and have created a major innovation with their GBA Video technology putting full length feature films such as Shrek, Shrek 2 and Shark Tale into a GBA cartridge. Now they’ve gone back to stretching the limits of the GBA with the Majesco Wireless Messenger (MWM).
Basically this is a wireless Instant Messaging device for the GBA and GBA SP. It works similarly to the internet online equivalents but with an on screen keyboard you use to type out your message via a pointer and your GBA controller. The unit uses radio waves and will connect to any other MWM within approximately three miles.


  • Private and group chat functions
  • Text messenger
  • Approximately three mile range
  • Rechargeable Battery compatible with the GBA SP charger (not included)
  • Automatically scans for other MWM within range and outputs the information into a
  • Neighborhood list (like a buddy list).
  • Messages can be stored.
  • Internal antenna.

Buyer Tips:

The MWM is a great concept reminiscent of playing secret agent with walkie talkies. Imagine going on “secret missions” with a device that lets you send covert messages to your fellow operatives without making a peep and blowing your cover.
Regardless, you should take close note of that “3 mile radius” footnote. It states that three miles means “line of sight” range. Basically things like houses, trees and cars can reduce the range or block the signal. If you live in an area that gets bad radio reception you probably won’t get very good results with this product.
It is also a downer that the product has a rechargeable battery but no charger. This is fine for GBA SP owners because they can just use there existing SP charger, but if you own an original GBA your stuck having to buy a new charger separately. This decision was most likely made to keep costs down. A unit like this must not be cheap to manufacture and retails for the same price as a premium game.
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